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The four major parts of a vehicle are body and exterior (e.g. doors and windows), electrical and electronic (ignition system), interior (car seat), and powertrain and chassis (engine). Repairs to these parts are easily performed at a mechanic shop.
Hey Tony==The crank sensor is on the rear of some jeeps attached to the bell housing. It in itself won't cause overheating. If you have electric fans, make sure they are operating properly. Make sure the radiator is flowing coolant and not have a bunch of build up. Good luck Joe
I believe that the 1.2 Corsa engine swapped to a chain driven camwith the move to the 'latest shape' cars - usually Y registrationand onwards. A 2000 Corsa is the previous model and will, I reckon,have the belt driven cam. So, it's 4year/40,000 mile belt changesunder vauxhall's latest...
Remove the engine covers and carefully remove the ignition wires from the spark plugs, there are 12 of them, then remove the spark plugs with a 5/8 plug socket. Make sure the gap is correct on new plugs put a bit of anti seize on the threads then install the new plugs...
Relays are located in the engine compartment fuse panel
an electric motor drives the cart, similar to an electric car or agocart.
because dex-cool has different heat dissipation property's thengreen ethylglycol coolant.. use of green prestone in a dex coolsystem can cause head gasket and overheat issues not to mentionpremature internal wear.
should just pry right off
i will answer it as best as I can. With all computer systems incars their are always differences in the features and what yourcomputer will tell you with lights. If you car did come equippedwith a sensor to check for low oil it may be damaged in some way oryou do not have one at all and seeing as it...
Can you clarify what a 206 is? A 206 can be a lot of things. Itmight be very specific to you, but to those of us who are trying tohelp you, more specific information would be helpful. Thanks,Shawna
Where is the cable broken? They usually break at the handle so justuse pliers to pull the cable end sticking out. May help to havesomeone push down a little on the hood if the latch is dry andsticking. That's usually why they break.
Change a clutch on a cinquecento sporting 1.1 OHC engine Before you start make no mistake, for someone with little or no experience like myself, this is no walk in the park. Although others on here may think different First things first you'll need to jack your car up at the front end. Be sure...
Any vehicle. Start it cold. Feel the upper and lower hoses as the engine warms up. If the hoses warm up the same time it's stuck open. One should get hot and the other stay colder until the engine reaches normal temp. Around 195f. Then the thermostat opens and the other will get hot. If the engine...
You have to remove the starter and run a new wire
All you need to do is open up your hood. Then on the left sideshould be your air intake. Take off the cover and there should besome clips around the outside of the box that you unclip. Alsoloosen and detach the big tube in the front. When that is off andthe clips are off just lift up the top part of...
It is either on the back left in the engine department. Or you have a full plug on the transmission and its full when it spills overs.
Just follow the big hose coming out of your radiator and it is right there
Automatic Transmission 5.0 quarts (4.7 liters)
by what i understand its located between the crank pully and block.
This is for fuel injected: Removal & Installation Disconnect the negativebattery cable. Relieve fuel systempressure. Disconnect the ignitioncoil. Remove the upper intakemanifold. Disconnect the vacuumline to the regulator. Remove the snap ringfrom the regulator housing. Place a towel...
This is usually reserved for professionals with a/c refrigerationrecovery systems as it is a EPA fine to discharge freon into theatmosphere, but you will need to remove drive belt assembly fromvehicle and them locate hardware holding a/c pump in place, you mayalso need to remove a/c clutch assembly.
It should be in the front under the hood near the intake
The fuel is going to be connected to the fuel line, first find the fuel line and follow it, and you should find be able to find the fuel filter.
The force required to open air bags is dangerous for children,infants, and small adults.
you can replace the speedometer by taking it to your nearest cardealers shop/ sale or you can just take it and post it online bytaking a picture and people can tell you and give you a bit moreinformation about this ;)
You will need to remove cowling grill assembly from vehicle usuallya series of screws and clips which will then expose wiper linkagesystem, look for bolts holding in wiper motor, and remove assemblyensure you put a mark on windshield where wipers are to easy whenyou attempt to put them back on...
Check distributor Check timing and timing chain Check wires and all electrical parts pertaining ignition system
Generally replace every 40,000 miles
You can replace the whole thing, or you can use a restoration kit.You open it up by, I'm pretty sure, cutting the glue, then attach abuffer attachment to your drill. Then you use the solution and thebuffer to clean up the lens before gluing it together again.
remove rear drive shaft. remove pinion yolk from front ofdiff.remove oinion seal replace with new one. replace pinion yolk,replace driveshaft,.. dhceck ujoints of drive shaft while out, itsa good time to replace them
Use a 5.5 mm socket to remove the three bolts in the panel underthe dash, then remove the 2 bolts out of the blower resistor.Disconnect the wire connector, then remove the resistor.
Remove the old wiper and replace with a new one
Hey. If you can access the back of the roller there may be a barthat runs from one side of the roller to the other side of theroller,this bar locks the roller up in a collision or during severebraking,you can usually lift or rotate this bar and then pull thebelt out from there to then untangle the...
Look for detent marking on camshaft sprockets and align them withtiming marks on cylinder head, should be visable markings andensure that engine is at TDC on compression stroke, and timingmarks should all line up
no and maybe it not connected to your car motor and it motor.
It is always recommended when you replace timing belt to replacesany and all timing belt components, but if they do not show wareand tension correctly then you are good to go, it is always easierto do preventive maintenance then repair or replace due tocomponent damage, usually you can purchase a...
Timing chains have no scheduled replacement they are designed to last the life of the engine. Timing belts have replacement intervals
The lightbulb is probably out or your car is geting old
No. The size, profile, and sidewall construction of the tire itself dictate the recommended pressure. The size and shape of the wheel itself will restrict the kinds and sizes of tires that will fit.
Get the manual and read the part on what your working on and go from there
Under the passenger side of the dash
The fuel is inside the hood
The pad on the clutch is getting low
About 6 quarts, depends if it's completely dry or flush and fill
Take off the inner door panel then remove them insulation plastic then reach inside and adjust it back on track feeling it with your hands
If the engine is four-cycle, the valve seals may be worn, causing a small amount of oil to seep into the piston cylinder or combustion chamber. If it is two-cycle, the oil/fuel mix may have a little too much oil.
I had to replace my thermostat. I moved the throttle head out of the way. I removed the air cleaner assy. I then removed the two bolts from the housing area and pulled out the thermostat. The tools I used were the 10mm/ 13mm/ flathead screw driver to remove air cleaner, and I also loosened four...
I have found that a lot of burnt cd's are a hair bigger in diameter and get jammed in the Ford 6 disc changer... Just remove the stereo take the cover off manually remove the disc on top then plug it back in and it should eject all the other ones unless there are more that are stuck...
Well before you ask that question. The real question is how often do you drive your vehicle and how far you drive.
His engine already hot is the heater on all these things play a role in that
pop the hood right there in the front you look down and there yougo there it is
In my area it will average around $50. It depends on the vehicle.
Both turn signals work when they want to. The hazzard lights workjust fine. All bulbs are great. The turn signal indicator willflash inside the car for a few seconds and then stop. The outisdeturn signal lights stop too.
If its fuel injected then It should b located in the gas tank.
With a 7/8in. Oxygen sensor socket or wrench
Open the hood, and look to the left ride of the radiator and abouta foot or so down; there is a wing nut that can be turned counterclockwise until the coolant starts to drain out. Place a pan tocatch to old coolant and turn the wing nut to drain. Once thecoolant is out, remove the radiator hose that...
it should work as long as the batteries are connected in series + to - what you would need to check is if the charger for the cart charges 24v or 8v if it is 8v you would need to get a 24v charger for it it would be possible to charge the batteries with a 12v charger but it would need to be hooked...
take bolts out the by a new one then put back on
In the fuse box. They are often labeled.
2 wire has a live wire to energise the field where as the singlewire alternator self energises and does not need the powered feed.
you have to get it off the ground, then look for the pan and takethe bolt out, make sure there's a pan under it
Tools required: 6mm socket/ratchet 7mm socket/ratchet Socket U-joint with extension Step 1: Loosen and remove the 7mm bolts (3) that hold the protective panel in place beneath the glove compartment. Remove this panel. Step 2: Disconnect the blower motor resistor's wiring harness (1). Step 3: Loosen...
At the base of the engine you will find the starter.
Where u put gas in its behind that under it car and have a mechanic do it
Follow the upper radiator hose back to the engine. There will be a outlet mount there that the hose connects too. There are two bolts on each side you must remove, it may also have a bracket mounted to it as well that will need to be removed. lift the outlet off the engine and you will see the...
Ur battery cable may need to be cleaned coz battery acid corrodes on cables & its not getting a good connection. If theres no corrosion on cables then the cables may b loose. If its still having hard time cranking then it may need a new battery...possibly a stronger battery..
Check under the air intake manifold. I read something saying itmight be under there.
First diconnect battery for the safety of ur self second remove the fan shroud around the engine fan there are two bolts size 10 minimeter third remove the fan its 4 bolts wat holds the fan down.Fourth step remove the water pump pulley fifth step remove the water pump bolts but ones you remove them...
If I had to just go from memory, and I haven't seen a neon in years... I would say 19mm for the lug nuts, 6mm or 7mm Allen for caliper bolts, flat screwdriver to aid in caliper removal and use your preferred method of pushing the caliper back ie C-clamp, channel locks, caliper depressing tool etc
1. block rear wheel so it won't roll; 2) loosen lug nuts; 3) jackup wheel with jack under cross frame; 4) place jack stand underspring support & lower jack to rest PU on stand but keep jackin place holding some weight; 5) remove lug nuts and wheel; 6)remove the 2 bolts that hold the brakes to the...
I had to replace the fuel pump twice. First time the vehiclewouldn't start. Worked like a charm after the replacement, untilthe fuel gauge sensor failed. Second pump I have put in worked fineuntil the vehicle started stalling randomly. Kicking the gas tankto start it helped for a while. Checked the...
Not really, your engine actually work it down to your oil-pan and your filter will keep it from doing damage. Do get the oil change as soon as you can
Yeah u can all u have to do is loosen the belt tensioner and take the old one off put new one on then tighten tensioner
The 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser takes 16" driver side, 14" center and 14" passenger side replacement windshield wiper blades. (qty 1 = 16" and qty 2 = 14") See related links below.
Amsoil makes some of the best automotive fluids on the market.